Androgel (Testosterone gel)

Buy Androgel (Testosterone gel) from india

Brand name Androgel
Generic brand Testosteron gel(Cernos gel,Testoheal)
Active element Testosteron
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Dosage 1 %
Box pack 14 pouches x 5 mg
Delivery time 8 – 24 days

1 Pack x 28 pouches 150$
2 Pack x 56 pouches 240$
3 Pack x 112 pouches 370$

Gel with testosterone for men

Gel with testosterone is included in the list of drugs to restore hormonal balance in men. Proper performance of most male functions is directly dependent on the content of testosterone in the body. Synthesis of the hormone occurs partly in the genitals, partly synthesized by the adrenal cortex.

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Гель с тестостероном

Therapy of such diseases is often prolonged, some men are forced to take hormonal medicines throughout their lives. One of the most popular medicines of this spectrum is tesgel and Androgel.


Androgel for external use in bodybuilding with 1% of the amount of testosterone with daily use provides the necessary hormone content in the blood within physiological limits.

Testogel can be purchased at pharmacies, but only if you have a prescription from a doctor.

This severity of the drug is due to the fact that its uncontrolled use can lead to hyperandrogenism, accompanied by the appearance of intense acne, as well as enhanced body hair growth caused by an increased amount of male hormone.


The preparation is produced in the form of aluminum sachets (14 pieces in a box), each of which contains 5 mg of gel. It is a light, transparent, slightly viscous gel or ointment with a persistent alcoholic odor. Active components – essential oils of testosterone. Additional ingredients: sodium hydroxide, carbopol, ethanol, isopropyl myristate and purified water. This composition contributes to the short-term absorption of the gel by skin tissues.

How does

Testosterone has the following effects:

  1. Promotes the development of muscles, genitals;
  2. Stimulates the appearance and preservation of sexual characteristics of a secondary nature;
  3. Regulates protein metabolism, also in women;
  4. Evenly distributes the hypoderm;
  5. Regulates pituitary secretion of gonadotropins and excretion

These processes are combined according to the principle of anabolic action, the purpose of which is to stimulate protein formations with simultaneous delay of the components important for the structural construction of the protein cell. Due to this, muscle tissue increases significantly, as well as stable bone fixation of potassium is observed.

Transdermally applied Androgel to increase testosterone is absorbed by the skin in a volume not exceeding 14% of a single dose. In the next 24 hours, the active substances gradually penetrate the bloodstream.

Already on the second day the applied gel gives a stable positive dynamics of changes in the composition of the blood. The achieved hormonal content does not cause peak fluctuations, provoking a deterioration of health, as may occur with the injection form of the drug. In addition, it is the external use of the drug to avoid a dramatic increase in hepatic steroids, which can increase, for example, oral hormone.

After the cessation of the use of the gel after a day, the concentration of testosterone begins to decline markedly, reaching a natural level by the fourth day. Androgel is derived from the body by conjugated testosterone metabolites along with urine and feces. The practice of using Androgel did not reveal a negative impact on the quality of sperm. From a clinical point of view, the action of testosterone is extremely important not only for initiation, but also to maintain the normal course of spermatogenesis, while the sperm does not lose its original properties.

Rules of application

In order to get a high-quality, increasing testosterone level, you must clearly follow the instructions for use.

Андрогель применение

Androgel is applied only externally, preferably in the morning at the same time. Frequency of use – once a day.

After the sachet is opened, the drug is immediately applied to the previously washed and well-dried skin on the abdomen and shoulders without intensive rubbing. After that you should thoroughly wash your hands with any means. Five minutes after drying the gel, you can get dressed

It is forbidden to use the gel in the area of the genitals and breasts. Due to the fact that it contains a sufficient amount of ethanol, these areas can be subjected to severe irritation.

On the third day of the gel is recommended to conduct a daily study on the content of testosterone in the blood. If the indicator is increased, then the dose adjustment is made to the lower side. If there is an insufficient value, then a gradual (by 2.5 mg) dose is increased, but in any case it should not exceed the use of 10 mg per knock.

Андрогель применение

After applying the gel, it is forbidden to take a shower, go to the swimming pool, bath or sauna, as well as have sex in the next five hours. This time period must be kept in order for the gel to be fully absorbed, as well as to prevent accidental transmission through bodily contact.

Independent use of Androgel, as well as other hormonal drugs, is fraught with the manifestation of undesirable side effects, the occurrence of negative reactions on the part of the body, which are quite difficult to eliminate. Therefore, the key to effective therapy will be the appointment of the drug and the determination of the individual dose of use only by the attending physician.