Buy Careprost from india

Brand name Latisse
Generic brand Careprost
Active element Bimatoprost
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Dosage 0.03 %
Box 1 bottle 3mg
Delivery time 8 – 24 days

3 bottles 50$
5 bottles 80$
10 bottles 140$

Standards of feminine beauty change every century. Today, many of the fair sex are doing everything in order to have long fluffy eyelashes. Make this dream a reality can be achieved by building up or using a special tool for the growth of Сareprost eyelashes. It has become a popular and discussed product among women, around which heated debate is taking place. Related discussions with the medical focus of the drug.


The active substance of Сareprost is bimatoprost – a synthesized analogue of the hormone prostaglandin. The manufacturer has seen the main purpose of the drug in reducing eye pressure, treating glaucoma and hypotrichosis of eyelashes. However, it later emerged: Careprost accelerates the growth of eyelashes, what attracts the attention of female buyers.

фото карепрост

How do experts explain this effect? In numerous feedbacks from ophthalmologists, one can read that Сareprost for eyelash growth acts as follows:

  • Accelerates local blood circulation.
  • Starts the inflammatory process.
  • Irritating to eyes, causing burning, tearing, redness and even rupture of blood vessels.

Eyelash growth becomes a side effect of the drug. In case of serious complications, treatment of the eyes to patients is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, ophthalmologists do not recommend using Careprost for the purpose of growing eyelashes, but they cannot prohibit this.

And what do women say? Their reviews on Сareprost for eyelashes fashion women leave mostly positive. According to women, the increase in eyelash density is observed after a month of use of a stimulant. The hairs are strengthened and quickly stretch in length, a luxurious framing appears around the eyes. With daily use for 2 months, Careprost gives amazing results – the cilia take on a healthy, well-groomed appearance and give women the opportunity to do without mascara.


Before starting the treatment course, I recommend to study the instructions for use of Kareprost for eyelashes, because the effect here depends on the correctness of actions.

  1. Preparatory stage. Free your face from make-up and dry. Lubricate the skin with a nourishing night cream. Remove contact lenses if you wear them.
  2. Take the drug. Remove the applicator from the protective case and apply a drop on the tip of the device. Perform manipulation by holding the applicator in a horizontal position.
  3. We put a stimulator. Gently pulling the eyelid, lead the applicator through the upper eyelashes. Direct the brush from the inside corner of the eye to the outside. Repeat the procedure for the other eye.
  4. Remove the remnants. Complete the treatment with wet eyes with a dry cloth or cotton swab. Surplus funds need to be removed so that they do not flow onto the lower cilia.